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Miss Hilton

You Must Be Worth A Trillion Bucks

For those Obsessed with Paris Hilton
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Mod: summers_kiss722
Co-Mod: morejelloplease

This is a community I made for Paris Hilton fans! There are only a few simple rules I have
1. Be nice- anyone who is rude will be banned.
2. No typing LYKE DIS its annoying
3. Please post pictures under a cut. Also long articles should go behind a cut alsoIf you have questions on how to do a LJ cut, just ask, I am sure someone or myself will be able to help you
4. Be respectful of other people. If someone makes an icon you dont like or isnt so hot, just dont say anything.
5. ABSOLUTLEY NO PROMOTING other Paris communitys. Just because I do allow promoting, doesnt mean I want you to promote things every day. If you promote more frequently then you post about Paris, I'll ban you.

And thats about it. You may post pictures, articles, Icons, whatever you feel like. And dont hesitate to post about Nicky and Nicole Richie too. We love them just as much! <3

I am your Mod. My name is Crista (summers_kiss722 ) if you have any questions feel free to ask! :)

Have fun!